My first blog post

Hello peeps! I think this will be my hardest post on this blog, I’m not one to talk about myself too much but here goes nothing 🙂 I hope the picture of Whitby I took last weekend will be a positive start to my blogging journey.

I am Emily Davison, and I do share my name with a suffragette. It’s not everyday you’re named after a famous feminist :). I’m 18 years-old (wow I feel old already!) and live in England. My favourite colour is purple, but do love aqua or sky blue and my favourite band is The Beatles (am a secret massive fan, with my top 3 recommended songs being: 3-And I Love Her, 2-I am the Walrus, 1-Can’t Buy Me Love)

I’m an A-Level student, Yr 13, studying Media Studies, English Literature and Language and Sociology. I have recently become very fascinated and passionate for film and am a big fan of sci-fi and dramas, but I can take any genre and happily give it a go. I can definitely be considered a massive fangirl when it comes to certain films and TV shows so please forgive me if I sometimes go a bit overboard with my praise.

To choose a favourite film would be impossible for me because I love too many, but some can be listed here: Forrest Gump, Star Wars Original Trilogy, the majority of Pixar Films (but my top 3 would probably be: 3-The Incredibles, 2-Up, 1-Finding Nemo), The Shawshank Redemption, the Harry Potter series…and many many more. I also couldn’t choose a favourite actor or actress as it changes on a weekly basis, but at the moment the brilliant Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson would be by choices.

I also love film adaptations from book series, like The Maze Runner or Roald Dahl novels, so I may review each film adaptation for a special post sometime 🙂

So there’s a little bit about myself. I hope you’ll all enjoy this blogging experience with me! 🙂

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