Sing Film Review (SPOILER FREE)

Hello people! Today I went to see Illumination’s latest animated feature “Sing”, directed by  Christophe Lourdelet and Garth Jennings and featuring a range of talented voice actors, such as Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Seth MacFarlene and Taron Egerton.

This colourfully vibrant animated feature follows koala Buster Moon, who is struggling to keep his once-grand theatre in prime condition, so facing the crumble of his life’s passion and ambition, he takes one last chance to restore his former glory by running a singing competition. Five contestants emerge: jazz-loving mouse Mike, timid elephant Meena, housewife pig Rosita, punk-rock porcupine Ash and gangster gorilla Johnny.

After reading and watching other reviews for this film I’ve noticed a divide in audience opinion, with many enjoying the fantastic covers of popular songs and the lush animation, but some criticising the film for falling prey to many of the clichés we’d expect in this kind of family-friendly, predictable film. The short backstory given to Matthew McConaughey’s Buster Moon is just enough to keep the audience invested, which is thankfully made up for with his very likeable character and human qualities everyone can relate to, such as a passion for music and theatre.

The film does a decent job at balancing all of the character’s stories and backgrounds into sub-plots with just enough screen time given to each contestant to give them their own personalities and likeable qualities for the audience to relate to. The film runs at a decent pace, though cannot be described as necessarily smooth because of sub-plots that the film jumps between. However, the cluttered narrative isn’t noticeable for the most part because the audience become connected to these characters and by the end we would really like to see them succeed.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the film is the theatre performance scenes, with the voice actors showing off their brilliant vocal talent, singing well-known hits of the pop and rock genre that everyone can sing along with. However, the film is not solely focused on the songs, it is primarily a character story, albeit a fairly predictable one. Though a very entertaining feature with laugh out loud comedy (a memorable scene that got the whole room laughing was a particularly humorous pig singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’) the plot cannot be considered as anything creative or original.

Everyone has seen that film where a character’s business is failing, so they invest in help from colourful characters and side-kicks where something is undoubtedly going to go wrong and everyone has to work to solve it. However, what I really admire about Sing is the very likeable, endearing characters who are simply everyday people with an immense passion for singing and have the dedication to do whatever they can to fulfil their dream. I found this to be a fantastic inspirational asset that really anchored the film throughout and caused it to feel more then your average animated drama/comedy.

With a good balance of comedy, that both adults and children can find entertainment in, and surprisingly tender and touching moments that allow the film to slow down from a simple ‘kids’flick I would definitely recommend this family-friendly film for anyone who wants a simple, predictable and entertaining animated film.



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